We aim to play a significant role in meeting the Paris Agreement's 2030 CO2e reduction target and preventing global warming from exceeding 1.5 degrees.
To tackle this challenge, we will push the boundaries with cutting-edge technology.
Our goal is to empower homes and businesses worldwide to take decisive action in the fight against climate change, with ease and confidence.

SpendWatt is a market first channel sales enablement platform that accelerates the deployment of renewable energy, storage and energy efficiency technologies.

The outcome is great for energy consumers and great for the planet.

about how we can help achieve your targets sooner.


...of the world's carbon emissions come from electricity and heat¹.

“there are no simple solutions to transform the world of energy. Multiple technologies and fuels have a part to play across all sectors of the economy”

International Energy Agency, World Energy Outlook 2019

SpendWatt takes the complexity of modelling multiple technologies and makes it simple which empowers organisations to transform the world of electricity consumption one consumer at a time.