meet spendwatt

SpendWatt's team is continually push the bar way above and beyond to achieve the unimaginable…

Jason Bank

Co-founder & CEO

Straight after finishing his electrical apprenticeship in 2011, Jason started and was the managing director of Lean Energy, a successful multi-award winning national Electrical consultancy and engineering firm grown to >$4M ARR. Jason and Matt sold the business in 2019  to focus setting the foundation, doing deep R&D and developing out the IP that now takes the form of the SpendWatt platform.

Matt Young

Co-founder & CFO

Matt is passionate about creating win-win relationships between businesses and consumers. Before SpendWatt, Matt spent 15 years managing renewable energy and energy efficiency sales in a global organisation servicing residential, commercial and industrial consumers. Matt’s corporate experience enabled Lean Energy (the business sold prior to starting SpendWatt) to mature to the next stage in it’s growth when he joined in 2016. This structure gave the business the space to identify the IP that was being developed and to scope up the opportunity before launching 100% down the SpendWatt road.

Amine Gassem 

Co-founder & R&D Director

Amine Gassem is a data-business driven developer of 18 years with core skills in data science and serverless development. He has degrees in computer science, signal processing and engineering. For most of his career he worked on the development of complex trading systems for investment banks. For the last 5 years he has been very passionate about the retail electricity market in Australia. Amines sold his business ‘Beat Your Bill’ to the SpendWatt group of business’s in 2020 and then joined as a co-founder

Najmeddine Nouri

Co-founder & CTO

Najmeddine Nouri is an experienced engineering lead with 18 years as a software engineer and 5 years as CTO of an innovative startup developing clinical information systems. He has degrees in computer science and engineering. For most of his career he worked on the development of advanced software solutions in varying sectors. For the last 5 years he has successfully built a clinical information system (Intensive Care) from the ground up using the latest web technologies coupled with advanced artificial intelligence.